In order for you to have fine jewelery for many years, we have collected some tips for you on how to take care of your jewelery. All our jewelry is nickel free.

Avoid contact with water

In order for your jewelry to last for several years, it is best to avoid contact with water. The color and luster of the jewelry can be destroyed by repeated contact with water.

To prevent this from happening to your jewelery, we recommend that you always take off your jewelery before you shower. Do not store jewelery in the bathroom as there is a lot of moisture when you shower, which is not good for the life of the jewelery.


Even different chemicals can cause damage to your jewelry. Products such as makeup, lotions, perfumes are chemicals that should be avoided when in contact with jewelry. Wait a while after these products have been used and then you can put on your jewelry.


Preferably store your jewelry separately as they can easily become scratched, tangled or rubbed against each other when they are folded. It is also not good for metal jewelry to lie with other metals as it can create discoloration for a long time.

Do not sleep with your jewelry 

We advise that you do not sleep with your jewelry on as it can be damaged and cause wear and tear. 

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